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Power Climber manufactures and designs the safest and most reliable traction hoists on the market. Our experience speaks for itself by putting people to work at height safely and providing productive access solutions for the most challenging industrial and commercial projects. We manufacture and own the design of our best-in-class hoists. We pioneered safety devices before they were demanded by customers. Our overspeed brake is one example. It's not added to our hoist as an afterthought or separately bolted on where it can be forgotten, bypassed, or tampered with. Rather, it is integrated into the body of our hoist, always ready to protect against the most serious risk for injury.

Safe, Proven, Reliable

  • Easy to operate
  • Longer service life
  • Lowest annual service cost
  • Lowest cost to inventory parts
  • Fewer voltage problems
  • Workers of all skill levels can troubleshoot and fix most problems
  • Rapid local service and support
  • Faster parts supply
  • Quickest turnaround time
PC3 Relevation PC3 PC1 Hoist Accessories

Not all manufacturers invest in UL® and CUL® classification. Power Climber does.

Power Climber makes the choice to list our hoists with UL and CUL because it provides users with equipment that is safer than products listed by other labs. This gives our customers peace of mind.

Not all manufacturers invest in UL listing. Our hoists are UL listed. To verify the listing status, see that SafeWorks earned its UL Classification and continues to maintain this listing in file TUFV.SA5062 at, which is also printed on the reverse.

Examiners employed by Underwriters Laboratories regularly inspect our hoists during production in our factories to verify consistent sustained production of the products as designed and originally tested and listed. This drives a safer, more reliable product for our users.

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