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SuperMod Modular Suspended Platforms


Compliant with North American Standards

Winsafe’s SuperMod modular suspended platform system, offered by Power Climber, is the strongest, safest system on the market today. A modular approach with a broad range of sizes ensures there is a stage configuration available to suit any application.

Steel U-frames provide a rigid frame and steel stirrups have the strength to handle even the toughest jobsite conditions. Steel has 1/3 the flex of aluminum, providing a more rigid, better riding platform.

The aluminum trusses weigh about the same as European trusses, but the toeboard is two inches shorter. The extra material is used in the bottom chord, making it twice as thick as the competition.


Part NumberDescriptionWeight
MOD651/2 m Truss8 lb (3.6 kg)
MOD641/2 m Floor6 lb (2.7 kg)
MOD671/2 m Handrail2 lb (0.9 kg)
MOD101 m Truss13 lb (5.9 kg)
MOD131 m Floor16 lb (7.3 kg)
MOD121 m Handrail3 lb (1.4 kg)
MOD2321.5 m Truss19 lb (8.6 kg)
MOD2311.5 m Floor24 lb (10.9 kg)
MOD2311.5 m Handrail5 lb (2.3 kg)
MOD202 m Truss24 lb (10.9 kg)
MOD232 m Floor32 lb (14.5 kg)
MOD222 m Handrail6 lb (2.7 kg)
MOD303 m Truss36 lb (16.3 kg)
MOD333 m Floor48 lb (21.8 kg)
MOD323 m Handrail9 lb (4.1 kg)
MOD26End FrameTBD


Part NumberDescription
MOD5590° Corner Truss
MOD5790° Corner Floor
MOD5690° Corner Handrail
MOD6160° Corner Truss
MOD6360° Corner Floor
MOD6260° Corner Handrail
MOD5845° Corner Truss
MOD6045° Corner Floor
MOD5945° Corner Handrail
MOD6830° Corner Truss
MOD7030° Corner Floor
MOD6930° Corner Handrail
MOD1559Adjustable corner section

Note: A corner typically consists of:

  • 1X MOD80 Corner Frame
  • 1 EACH X° Corner Truss, Corner Floor, Corner Handrail
  • 2X MOD29 Handrail Post
  • 2X MOD85 Handrail Post

*Custom corner angles are also available. Contact Power Climber to learn more.


Part NumberDescription
MOD08End Stirrup
MOD35C Stirrup
MOD1297Adjustable Incline Stirrup
MOD05U connector with pins
MOD90Platform Hinge Section
MOD29Handrail Post with Pins (Double)
MOD85Handrail Post with Pins Single


Part NumberDescription
MOD4612″ Roller bumper
MOD15Replacement Mod Pin Assembly

SuperMod Configurations by Component

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SuperMod Safe Working Loads

End Stirrup Platforms

Lengths of up to 48 ft 9 in. (14.9 m)

Cantilever Platforms

Lengths of up to 62 ft 3 in. (19 m) with walk-through stirrups.

Corner Platforms

Corner sections available to fit even the most challenging building shapes.

U-Shaped Platforms

Platforms that surround three sides of a structure.

Circular Platforms

Ideal for working on smokestacks and other circular towers.

Adjustable Incline Rollers & Incline Stirrups

For working on sloped surfaces.