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Committed to your success.

At Power Climber, we back up our safe, reliable, and innovative industry-leading products with the training, services, and deep industry experience you rely on.  

Power Climber has trained thousands of technicians on the maintenance and repair of our hoists and equipment around the world.

Our hands-on training is designed to ensure your mechanics have the knowledge and skills necessary to do their job safely and efficiently.

Power Climber has trained thousands of technicians all over the world to safely work with suspended access equipment.

Our hands-on training is designed to help contractors do their job safely and efficiently.

All our products are backed by unmatched service and support through our in-house teams as well as our network of service partners around the world.

Whether you’re situated in the bustling heart of a city or a remote corner of the world, we guarantee you’ll never be left unsupported. 

With decades of experience in suspended access solutions, our global team of engineers can design and build a custom solution that meets your exact needs.

Whether it’s a power plant, bridge, water tower, or complex architecture, Power Climber can provide a custom-engineered access solution.

You depend on us to provide products that meet exacting standards for quality and performance. To that end, we relentlessly deploy Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies, and apply best practices from industries as diverse as electronics, automotive and aerospace.

Our goal is continuous improvement in the quality and performance of all our products and services.

At Power Climber, we believe in playing an active role in the industry we serve. Since our founding in 1972, we have partnered closely with multiple industry associations, helping to drive standards and best practices across the industry for both quality and safety.