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Modulo PI

The Modulo PI is Power Climber’s most versatile and configurable BMU platform, with a wide range of standard options to fit your specific height access needs.

Available in standard lengths from 2 to 12 meters and up, the Modulo PI also offers split kit options and supports hoists with a working load limit of up to 650 kg each. Additional options include trolley control, radio control or auto-stopping programmable PLC’s.

Like all of Power Climber’s BMUs, the Modulo PI meets or exceeds the special requirements set by European Standard EN1808 for permanently installed building maintenance units.

The Modulo PI is highly customizable. Please contact Power Climber to discuss your specific configuration needs.


Note: The table below represents only a portion of the total options available. Please contact Power Climber to discuss your specific configuration needs.

LengthUp to 12 mIncreased length above 12m
CapacityUp to 4 personsIncreased capacity over 4 persons
Hoist working load limitUp to 650 kg for each hoist
Safety devicesSlack rope, overspeed and overload safety systemsEnd of rope safety device
Power supply options3 phase 400V +E (+N ) / 50 Hz
1 phase 230V +E / 50 Hz
Other power supplies available on request
Other ComponentsInside or outside wire winders
Bumper and end cover protections for wire winders
Castor wheels and rubber feet
Standard stirrupExtended stirrup to increase lateral stability
Bolted end frame mounting
Bottom top bar on one sideBottom top bar on two sides
Weather-resistant anodized aluminum cladding
Radio control
Single or double monorail trolley control
Automatic intermediary stop system
Cable bin
Water container
Fire extinguisher
Interior and exterior RAL powder coated painting

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