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Whatever your access need, Power Climber has a solution.

Whether for infrastructure facilities such as bridges, trestles, and overpasses, or for large venues like airports, arenas, and stadiums, Power Climber has the expertise, technology, and equipment to overcome the most demanding and unique infrastructure access challenges. From standard applications to fully custom engineered solutions, Power Climber can provide safe, productive, and reliable access.

Airports, stadiums, and other large venues present unique access challenges. Need to perform maintenance on the underside of a stadium roof? Need to position workers, equipment, or material inside an airport terminal? Power Climber has a solution for you.

With extensive expertise in working over water and roadways, Power Climber has an answer for any bridge, trestle, or overpass access challenge. Whether for sand blasting a steel truss bridge, repainting cable stays, or accessing bridge towers for maintenance, Power Climber has the equipment and solutions to get contractors to work safely and efficiently.