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Titan Air Traction Hoists

Safer. Smarter. Stronger.

Power Climber’s Titan Air hoist offers the best of proven technology and innovative features.

Titan Air hoists feature a gross load capacity of up to 500 kg and an operating range of 4.1-7.6 bar (60-110 PSI).


Part NumberModelPower SupplyOverspeed
OverloadSlack Wire
Rope Brake
8056TITAN 500-CE-AIRAir45 kg
Part NumberDescription
90379Filter lubrication system for Titan Air hoists

Additional Specifications

  • Gross Load Capacity: 500 kg
  • Travel Speed: 8.5 m/min
  • Dimensions: 12 x 14 x 20.5 in (305 x 356 x 521 mm)
  • Motor: 4 hp
  • Hoist Construction: Aluminum, Steel and Engineered Polymer
  • Wire Rope Diameter: ~8 mm
  • Maximum Power/Operating Range: 4.1-7.6 bar (60-110 PSI)

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