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UpPro P2514 Hoist (2.500 kg)

The UpPro P2514 is Power Climber’s highest capacity man-rated hoist. With CE approval, a 2.500 kg capacity and speeds up to 18 m/min, the UpPro P2514 maximizes your productivity in elevator installation and other high-capacity applications.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology provides a non-bouncing soft start of the hoist, allows the hoist to work in multiple speeds, and makes the hoist incredibly tolerant of bad power/low voltage.


Part NumberModelTravel SpeedPower SupplyWeight
D12772P2514 VFD4 – 4005/9/12/18 m/min400V 3Ph 50/60Hz VFD165 kg

Additional Specifications

  • Capacity: 2.500 kg
  • Wire Rope Diameter: 14 mm


  • High lifting capacity of 2.500 kg.
  • Multi-speed control up to 18 m/min maximizes productivity based on load.
  • Optimal power management and soft starts with variable frequency drive.
  • Industry-best power range, from 340 to 440 line voltage, to eliminate most power supply issues.
  • Customizable mounting options for various car sling or platform configurations.
  • Ergonomic handling and flexible use with a detachable control unit.
  • Optional Overspeed Safety Lock (OSL) available.
  • Optional cart for easy transportation of the hoist.


Part NumberDescription
D12982Radio remote control for P2514
D12929Tension Weight 2:1
D12821Pulley 5.0t with one roller
D12889Upper Limit Switch
D12890Rope outlet protection spring
D12222.05Hoist adapter

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