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Compliant with North American Standards

The right harness should be as comfortable as your regular clothing. Strap on this harness from Power Climber and you’ll feel the difference. Pull the straps and it’s instantly sized for your body.


Part NumberSizesTypeWaist Harness Size
708859-1S/MConstructor34 to 44 in. (864 to 1118 mm)
708859-2L/XLConstructor42 to 50 in. (1067 to 1270 mm)
708859-3XXLConstructor48 to 56 in. (1219 to 1422 mm)
708858-1S/MFall Arrest34 to 44 in. (864 to 1118 mm)
708858-2L/XLFall Arrest42 to 50 in. (1067 to 1270 mm)
708858-3XXLFall Arrest48 to 56 in. (1219 to 1422 mm)

Constructor Harness Specifications

  • Type: Standard
  • Side D Rings: No
  • Front D Ring: No
  • Retrieval Rings: No
  • Lanyard Loops: 1
  • Waist Belt: No
  • Shoulder Pads: No
  • Back Pad: No
  • Stretch Material: No

Fall Arrest Harness Specifications

  • Buckle Type: Tongue
  • Side D Rings: Yes
  • Front D Ring: No
  • Retrieval Rings: No
  • Lanyard Loops: 1
  • Waist Belt: Yes
  • Shoulder Pads: Yes
  • Back Pad: Yes

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Key Features

  • Lanyard loop eliminates slack and tripping hazards
  • Sewn-in chest strap assures proper position
  • No-slip SURE-GRIP web prevents loosening for constant fit
  • Fastening options:Adjustable mating buckle for fast hook-up and proper fit
  • Tongue buckle leg straps allow quick, secure adjustments
  • Durable, removable tool belt (optional)
  • 6 in. (152 mm) padded back support for maximum comfort and fatigue reduction (optional)
  • Replaceable shoulder pads to distribute the weight of the tool belt (optional)
  • Sub-pelvic strap gives greater support and keeps the user upright while arresting a fall
  • Sliding back D-ring
  • Quick to don and easy to adjust
  • Sturdy hardware
  • Webbing makes visual inspection easy:
  • If fraying reaches black line, remove from service
  • D-ring pads
  • Lanyard keepers: Made of Delrin® polymer
  • Conveniently located on the right
  • Meets the draft of ANSI Z359, allowing for breakaway if worker’s lanyard snags
  • Delrin® slides replace elastic bands to hold excess webbing for a cleaner look