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Modulo 450 Suspended Platform System

Accessing interiors of boilers, digesters, vessels and other tight spaces is accomplished with Modulo 450 boiler platform.

The unique hinge and pin design allows all components to fit through a 450 mm opening, making it easier to access confined spaces. Components are then secured together using the patented SafeFix pin system.

The modular design of the Modulo 450 suspended platform allows you to modify the configuration of the standard components to obtain the platform length required.

Modulo platforms comply with European Standard EN1808 in all standard configurations.

Custom Modulo platforms are also available upon request.


CategoryPart NumberDescription
Deck Parts61081Floor Element
Sideframes61035-0837Sideframe, L=0,95 m
61035-1289Sideframe, L=1,39 m
61035-1741Sideframe, L=1,85 m
61035Sideframe, L=2,30 m
Guardrails61036-0837Guardrail, L=0,95 m
61036-1289Guardrail, L=1,39 m
61036-1741Guardrail, L=1,85 m
61036Guardrail, L=2,30 m
Stirrups61060-01Walk Through Stirrup
61087-03End Stirrup
Connection Elements61040-05End Frame
61041-03Telescopic U-Frame
61037Guard Rail Post

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