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Providing solutions to the energy and industrial sector since 1972.

Power Climber provides safe, efficient, and innovative access solutions for a wide range of energy and industrial facilities, including refineries, power plants, tank farms, shipyards, offshore platforms, heavy construction, and more. We have solutions for the most complex industrial construction, maintenance, and repair challenges.

Power Climber provides reliable suspended access equipment for all types of power generation projects, including coal, oil, gas, hydropower, wind power, and nuclear power facilities.

Whether for scheduled outages, emergency work, or routine maintenance and repairs, Power Climber’s market leading solutions provide safe, productive, and reliable access.

Power Climber offers interior and exterior access solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of contractors working on tanks, smokestacks, and silos. Tuckpointing a large masonry chimney? Blasting and coating a tank interior? Need to do it with equipment that fits through an 18-inch manway? Power Climber has what you need.

Power Climber offers a full range of suspended access solutions for performing construction and maintenance on hydropower facilities. Need to access the sloping face of a dam? Need access in a confined space with small manway such as penstocks or turbines? Whether it’s for interior or exterior access, Power Climber has a solution.

Power Climber offers a range of trusted, reliable solutions for industrial, offshore applications. Whether for use on a drill ship, semi-submersible platform, or jack-up platform, Power Climber serves the offshore industry with innovative suspended access solutions for all phases of maintenance, inspection, and repair.

Power Climber’s range of innovative suspended access solutions for wind turbines enable quick, safe and reliable access both inside and outside a turbine tower and nacelle. That means greater efficiency, more up-time, and lower cost of operation and maintenance costs for the turbine owner and operator.