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Engineered for reliability and long life.

At Power Climber, we take quality seriously. You depend on us to provide products that meet exacting standards for quality and performance. To that end, we relentlessly deploy Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies, and apply best practices from industries as diverse as electronics, automotive and aerospace. Our goal is continuous improvement in the quality and performance of all our products and services.

Quality—we invest in it.  

All Power Climber products are designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001-certified factories in the United States and Belgium. These facilities undergo regular audits by Fortune 500 customers to ensure consistent performance.  Similarly, we drive quality across all our component suppliers through our own rigorous qualification processes and audits.

We test to applicable UL and cUL standards and beyond to ensure the safety and reliability of our equipment. In addition, Power Climber only uses AWS-certified welders.

Accountability is critical. We hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable for producing and servicing products to exacting design and performance specifications.

We understand that equipment reliability improves profitability. You can trust in the consistent quality, performance, and reliability of Power Climber products and services.