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Kliper PI Cradle

Power Climber’s Kliper PI Cradle is a safe, reliable and practical permanent installation maintenance platform, available with a wide range of custom options to meet your specific needs.

Featuring lightweight, all-around solid plate aluminum cladding (including around the wire winders), the Kliper is also powered by our industry-leading Titan PI traction Hoist.

Power Climber’s permanent access systems meet or exceed the special requirements set by European Standard EN1808 for permanently installed building maintenance units.


Lifting Height≤ 125 m (standard capacity)3
Suspension rope Center Distance (CD)11.100 mm (MIN)2.185 mm (MAX, standard)1.100 mm ≤ CD ≤ 2.185 mm
Self-weight2228 kg251 kg(205 + CD x 0,021) kg
Safe working load/Rated LoadCD ≤ 1.250 mm: 120 kg or 1 person
CD > 1.250 mm: 250 kg or 2 persons
Hoisting speedapprox. 8 mpm
Power supply options3 phase 400V +E (+N) / 50 Hz
1 phase 230V +E / 50 Hz
Suspension and safety rope~ 8 mm
1 CD can be found engraved on top of the guardrail of the Kliper platform.
2 Self-weight in standard form, without steel wire ropes or power supply cable. Add 1,05 kg/m lifting height for steel wire ropes and 0,30 kg/m lifting height for the standard 5×2,5 mm² supply cable.
3 Higher lifting heights available upon request. Contact Power Climber for more information.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • All-around solid plate aluminum cladding, including around the wire winders.
  • Cable bin to store electrical supply cable.
  • Twin-drum wire winders up to 125 m.
  • Internal cover over wire winder.
  • Low-noise castor wheels ~160 mm.
  • Non-marking soft wall rollers (10).
  • CE-marked safety harness attachment points.
  • Foot-steps on both sides for in/out.
  • Top limit and ultimate top limit switch.
  • Mechanical anti-tilt device.
  • Bottom limit trip bar.

Titan PI Traction Hoist:

  • Electro-mechanical overload detection device in series.
  • Electro-mechanical service brake.
  • ‘No Power’ emergency descent.
  • Thermal protection in series.
  • Includes slack rope and overspeed safety device.

Kliper Options

Cable bin
Single or double monorail trolley control
Interior and exterior RAL powder coated painting
Overspeed Safety Device (to add to Slack Rope Safety)
Emergency down/up radio remote control
End of rope safety device
“No striker plate” top limit and ultimate top limit switch
Telescopic rollers
Double bottom limit trip bar
Wall rollers for both sides
Rubber bumper strip
Landing buffers
Water container
Fire extinguisher
Power outlet for tools 230V / 1ph or 400V / 3ph
Other power supplies available on request
Reinforced sea freight packaging

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