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Atlas Series Traction Hoist

With a simple design and load-dependent traction, the Atlas hoist offers extended wire rope life and multiple features in a cost-effective package. A robust wire rope path makes rope jams nearly impossible, and the Atlas is equipped with an external slack rope safety device and “no power” emergency descent system.

NOTE: Atlas hoists are designed for non-CE geographic regions.


Part NumberModelCapacitySlack Wire Rope BrakeWeight
702407-1ATLAS 703-EXP700 kg45 kg

Additional Specifications

  • Power Supply: 400V 3ph 50 Hz
  • Travel Speed: 8 mpm
  • Wire Rope Diameter: ~8 mm


  • Simple and robust design allows rapid and efficient servicing with only two tools.
  • Load dependent traction offers extended wire rope life.
  • Robust casting and wire rope path nearly impossible to jam wire rope.
  • Longer duty cycle provides operator confidence to finish job.
  • External slack rope safety device.

Key Features

  • Simple and robust design.
  • Load dependent traction system.
  • ‘No Power’ emergency descent system.


Part NumberDescriptionNotes
702404-1External Slack Rope SafetyFor secondary wire rope
95310-02CCB for 2 Atlas hoists400V 3ph 50 Hz
95300-MATLPigtail, 10-pole

Additional Information

External Slack Rope Safety Device: The optional external slack rope safety device can be used with Atlas hoists to operate with a secondary suspension steel wire rope. In the event of a primary suspension rope going slack, the safety jaws will prevent movement on the secondary suspension rope.

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