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Wire Rope Assemblies


Compliant with North American Standards

Power Climber carries a variety of finished wire rope assemblies for use with our PC1 and PC3 Series hoists. A range of lengths are available.


  • For insulated wire rope assemblies, see Wire Rope Insulation & Welding Accessories
  • Power Climber does not recommend Fist Grips for suspension wire rope terminations for general use due to manufacturer’s more frequent inspection and specific torque requirements.
  • Wire Rope Assembly specification subject to change.


Part Number1DescriptionEnd TypeBreaking Strength
700939-XXX5/16″ Wire Rope Assembly w/ThimbleBulleted11,500 lb (5,216 kg)
701118-XXX5/16″ Wire Rope Assembly w/ Insulated ThimbleBulleted10,540 lb (4,781 kg)
1-XXX denotes length: 100 to 500 ft in 25 ft increments, 550 ft and above in 50 ft increments (e.g., 700939-175 for 175 ft).

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