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Compliant with North American Standards

Power Climber offers step-up, step-down and boost transformers to fit any power need. 

Available power varies widely from location to location and may be significantly impacted by multiple factors on-site. Consult Power Climber to discuss your specific power needs and determine which transformer is appropriate for your jobsite. 


Part NumberDescriptionPhaseNotes
725705-12 kVA Boost Transformer110% power increase (e.g., 208V input / 230V output at 20A)
725705-22 kVA Buck Transformer110% power decrease (e.g., 250 V / 227 V Output at 20A)
725704-13 kVA Step Down Transformer w/GFCI1220V in-line with 110V GFI
5900233 kVA Step Up Transformer1110V input / 220V output for use with one hoist
709482-13 kVA Step Down Transformer w/GFCI3220V in-line with 110V GFI

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