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Tank Top Roller


Compliant with North American Standards

Steel roller with shackle for tieback and suspended load; Effective for rigid-top petroleum and other storage tanks.

Built by Power Climber in the USA.


Part NumberWeightConstructionLengthOutreach1Maximum Load/CapacityOuter Diameter
700525-246 lb
(20.9 kg)
Steel41 in.
(1,041 mm)
12 in.
(304 mm)
1,500 lb
(680.4 kg)
4 in.
(102 mm)
1 From edge of tank

Key Features

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Fully sealed bearing allows both shackles to pivot freely
  • Pivoting shackles aid easy rolling
  • Capped ends prevent entry of debris into shaft to prolong device life
  • Sealed bearing makes rolling smooth and easy
  • Sealed bearing does not require lubrication
  • Designed for corrosive environments
  • Extensive product labels simplify installation

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