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Parapet Hooks


Compliant with North American Standards

Structurally designed for point loading applications. Extensive product labeling simplifies set-up.

Stand-off Bracket can be used to thrust out from wall in five adjustable positions from 2 1/8 in. to 9 1/8 in. (55 to 233 mm) at 1 3/4 in. (44 mm) increments. Actual thrust out depends on where bracket is clamped to hook.  (Note: Confirm with local ordinances before using stand-off brackets.)

Built by Power Climber in the USA.


Part NumberWeightLoad/CapacityMaximum Parapet Thickness
710528-135 lb (15.9 kg)1,500 lb (680.4 kg)12 in, (305 mm)
710529-144 lb (20 kg)1,500 lb (680.4 kg)13 to 19 in. (330 to 483 mm)
710530-150 lb (22.7 kg)1,500 lb (680.4 kg)20 to 26 in. (508 to 660 mm)
SA-1089Stand-off Bracket for Parapet Hooks

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