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Hoists - PC3 Relevation

A Revolution in Traction Hoist Technology

The PC3 Relevation hoist from Power Climber is the only BATTERY-POWERED traction hoist on the market. With a 1000 lb capacity, personnel rating, and UL listing, the PC3 Relevation lets you work at elevation safely, reliably, anywhere you need it


  • No power cables
  • No need to call an electrician or rent a generator
  • No loss of productivity due to unreliable power
  • Minimized service calls and reduced maintenance

Who Will Benefit?


  • with unstable or inadequate power
  • with no available power supply
  • with uncommon power (110V, 400V) or requiring a certified electrician to use
  • where power cables are inconvenient, difficult to manage, or not allowed by the owner
  • Less prone to breaking

Hoist Features

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Soft start & soft stop
  • Quiet operation
  • Best-in-class operating temperature range
  • Consistent motor speeds regardless of battery charge level
  • Display for battery charge and hour meter

Robust & Durable Construction

  • Cast control box, IP64-rated
  • Protection plate over motor
  • Proven nylon-reinforced polymer traction cover

Ease of Use

  • Identical platform compatibility as PC3
  • Overload set at 125% rated load
  • Options: top limit switch, slack rope safety (for secondary wire rope)

Battery Features

Superior Jobsite Performance

  • 3 hours of total run time (up/down travel combined)
  • Recharges in the down direction

Durable Exterior Casing

  • Rated to IP64
  • Integrated platform hanger bracket

Convenient Charging

  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • 5A battery charger included
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Charges on 110/220V
  • Full charge in 8 hours

For more information about the PC3 Relevation hoist, contact your Power Climber representative or call 800 560 2546.

PC3 Relevation hoist brochure

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