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Power Climber offers classes to train or recertify your mechanics on the maintenance and repair of our hoists.

Our classes include:

  • Hands-on instruction in the disassembly, reassembly, general maintenance and tests related to each hoist.
  • Electrical troubleshooting portion to learn to read and troubleshoot from schematics and master the use of the provided Fluke meters.
  • Students will be tested at the end of each class, and certificates will be issued upon successful completions.

Renewals after 3 years - Power Climber offers an online service school recertification process for a technician’s hoist service certificate that has recently expired. Challenge exams will re-certify a technician for a period of 2 years without having to attend a school. The challenge exam is a random question exam, presented online through our automated test program. If students successfully pass the challenge exam by earning a score of 90% or higher, they will be granted a 2-year certificate on the hoists that they have challenged.

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Power Climber Service School FAQs - For more information about Power Climber’s service school & what it will do for you, click now.

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