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Beam Stands & Dollies


Compliant with North American Standards

Beam Stands give outrigger beams clearance over a variety of parapet wall heights. They can adjust to the angle of the beam and are available in sizes ranging from 24 up to 60 inches.

Beam dollies feature two-pieces galvanized steel construction and pivotal 10” flat free locking wheels that roll easily, allowing workers to move an outrigger beam system along the edge of the roof. Adjustable height provides up to 48” roof clearance.

Power Climber’s beam stands and dollies from Winsafe are compatible with 1000 and 1500 series outrigger beams.


Part NumberDescription
WSBS044Beam Stand, 24 in.
WSBS001Beam Stand, 42 in.
WSBS030Beam Stand, 60 in.


Part NumberDescription
SP238Steel Adjustable Beam Dolly
SP19436FT Beam Dolly post
SP485Longhorn Counterweight Support (Pair)
WSOR53Replacement Wheels (Flat-Free)
580-939-00Longer Wheel Bolt for Flat-Free Wheels

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