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Safety - Harnesses



  • Sliding back D-ring with flexible D-ring pad - offers adjustability and easy, comfortable fit for fall arrest
  • Fall indicator - sewn into harness webbing on the back; deploys if a fall occurs, indicating harness should be removed from service
  • Sub-pelvic straps - give you greater support and keep you upright during an arrested fall
  • Grommet style harnesses feature reinforced leather in buckle area to prevent buckle floating
  • Lanyard ring - users attach lanyard when not in use for greater comfort; reduces tripping hazards of free-hanging lanyard
  • Labeling in English and Spanish - includes inspection grid and self-identification
  • Meets OSHA 1910.66, 1926.500, ANSI A10.14 and Z359.1 standards

Sizing Chart by Harness Size

Harness Size Waist Measurement
Sm/Med 29 in. - 35 in.
L/XL 36 in. - 50 in.

Sizing Chart by Belt Size

Belt Size Waist Measurement
Sm 32 in. - 40 in.
Med 36 in. - 44 in.
L 42 in. - 48 in.
XL 44 in. - 52 in.
(XXL and XXXL sizes available upon request)
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